Joachim Emilio Antonio, Ph.D.

Dr. Joem Antonio is a family man, teacher, and writer. He teaches Literature, History, and Research to students of the Humanities program at UA&P.

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Dr. Joem's current projects

Through Storywriting School, Dr. Joem teaches his methods to aspiring writers—no special talents, writing experience, or past training required.

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Story Sandbox is a creative writing lab for the growing writer. Our Challenges help writers gain specific writing skills, one simple task at a time.

Fill your pocket with stories to share. Our collection of stories is free for individuals to download and read to the children around them.

Abridged Shakespeare plays from Compact Shakespeare

Compact Shakespeare aims to bring authentic Shakespeare to the 21st century. Dr. Joem and his students abridge the Bard's scripts only by deleting. They've staged the plays as well as uploaded the scripts on the Compact Shakespeare website, allowing others to use the materials in their own classrooms and communities.

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Free love stories at Love Cafe Project

Love Cafe Project is a collection of stories that resulted from Dr. Joem's reflections on love. The stories are meant to spark discussion on the different kinds of love.

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Love stories on how exes became exes at is a full-length play comprised of monologues about how exes became exes. It's also a website where you may read these stories, as well as go through the writing exercise Dr. Joem used to write them.

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