Learn creative writing from Dr. Joem Antonio.

He created all of Storywriting School's online writing courses, which are available as seven-day, self-paced courses. Each student receives feedback from a personal writing coach throughout the duration of the course. If you want Dr. Joem to be your Storywriting School writing coach, please click/tap on the registration button below.

Available schedules

Choose any seven-day online writing course and take it on your preferred schedule.

November 4-10, 2023 (Saturday-Friday), 12:00AM-11:59PM GMT/UTC+0:00*

November 18-24, 2023 (Saturday-Friday), 12:00AM-11:59PM GMT/UTC+0:00*

*If you are in the Philippines (GMT/UTC+8:00), your course officially starts at 8:00 AM. 


Fee per seven-day course: PH₱4,200.00*

*The following qualify for a 20% scholarship: minors, full-time students, employed or licensed teachers, homeschooling parents, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. To qualify, you must submit a photo or scan of proof (you may blur/cover sensitive information for privacy) through the registration form. Those who qualify and submit valid proof will have a fee of PH₱3,360.00 per seven-day course.

Storywriting School's Writing Courses

Storywriting School offers 16 courses. Please click on any course title to view the course description. You will be brought to the Storywriting School website.

Storywriting Basics Courses

Courses on the basic aspects of storywriting; applicable to all genres, mediums, and formats

Storywriting Basics: Story Design

Storywriting Basics: Storytelling

Storywriting Basics: Characterization

Storywriting Basics: Story Themes

Skills Series Courses

Advanced courses that help students master skills specific to the stages of writing: brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, and rewriting

The Writer's Spark: Catching Ideas

The Writer's Seed: Cultivating Your Story Idea

The Writer's Flow: Getting Into the Zone

The Writer's Eye: Editing Like a Writer