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Joem is a teacher, writer, and writing teacher. He believes that writing can be learned and taught. It's true that some people seem to have a natural gift for it, however, that doesn't mean the rest of us can't learn it methodically. Yes, there is a science to writing. Joem wants to teach us the same processes he used to produce his award-winning works.

He delivers the following modules in public venues and in schools or other organizations. If you'd like to organize any of these events or hire Joem to teach any of them, please feel free to contact him.

Storywriting courses

12-hour courses on the science of storywriting

Storywriting 101: Design your story

Storywriting 101: Design your own story (formerly known as Inkblot: the essentials of writing fiction) is a writing course on the method of storywriting. It's not your typical writing workshop where participants read out their work to be critiqued. This course gives participants a clear method on how to bring a story concept to life; they learn how to create characters, set up a plot, make events vivid in the minds of their readers, and rewrite for polish.

Storywriting 102: Storytelling

Storywriting 102: Storytelling is a writing course on narration. After understanding story design through Storywriting 101, you'll learn how to put it all into words through this course. Learn about balancing description and action, creating suspense, surprising the reader, using proper phrasing, controlling the pace, leading the reader's emotions, and more.

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Crash courses

Three-hour sessions that serve as an introduction to a specific medium

Amateur Playwriting

Learn the basics of writing plays in this three-hour crash course. Joem teaches the differences between theater and film, as well as between theater and novels; how to come up with a story for your script; how to make your story feasible for stage performance; and how to format your script for directors and actors.

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Create your own children's storybook

Write your own 32-page children's story using a shortened version of Joem's storywriting method. Illustrate it, too, using software that you probably already have: Microsoft PowerPoint. These are the same methods that produced Five Chickens Who Dreamed of Flying.

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Other modules

Fast-track your thesis

Don't want to graduate late because of your thesis? Learn how Joem did it. Apart from finishing is own masteral thesis on time, he also wrote his doctoral dissertation in a month. You read that right: in ONE MONTH!

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Essay writing for papers and tests


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